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How does SIMPLY
reaches each and every house in the world.?

Through social marketing.

SIMPLY is the only international company with an innovative system built on securing a swift and generous income through marketing its services packages in very simple way.

Simply aims at sufficiency and not wealth.

Company introduction

Company founder

Company founder

Eng. Hajar Al-Hassan Palestinian-American who holds a MBA degree in PMP. She is a brave woman who adores the sustainable development and loves serving the global community. Therefore, she decided to create a company in order to increase the consciousness, financial and educational levels all around the world.

Our Success Partner

Our Success Partner

Neronet Academy Established in 2016 to be a pioneering company in the online servicing and technology using creative ideas along with an extraordinary team of experts working for the growth of global communities. Neronet is available in Sweden and Egypt Neronet acquired a spectacular team working from remotely

Our Success Partner

Our Success Partner

ArabNetworker Online News Magazine An Arabic online magazine officially registered in our beloved Palestine Specialized in multi-level marketing MLM field comprises a group of senior expert advisors in network-marketing, ...... For more information?

Our locations

United Kingdom (Britain) - Head Office North Carolina - America - Management Office Cairo Egypt - Management Office Jordan - Regional & Operations office India - Kerala - IT Development Office Agent Offices Jordan, Tunisia, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, Turkey, Morocco , Algeria , Libya, UAE, Syria, Lebanon, Mauritania

The social marketing strategy for selling and marketing products or known as Direct selling

This method was first known in 1950.

Some companies found out that the oral advertising (Word-Of-Mouth WOM) is substantially more effective and impressive on customers than any other way of advertising. Thus, marketing products through a network of people will result in a wide spread of those products and, consequently, an increase in sales.

This method is widely known as social marketing, direct selling or multi-level marketing. Customers use the products and then they recommend it for other customers based on their own experience.

Exactly 80% of the previously added expenses, which were already saved from intermediaries, will be redistributed to customers who have recommended products in a form of commission and reward programs.

More than 110 Million subscribers in many companies managed to become a high income earners.

SIMPLY's System

The new system is smart, sequential, social, sales-oriented, and controlled by an innovative system.

SIMPLY membership supports selling and marketting its execlusive products through its system.

It provides a wide range of unlimited opportunities for our distributors, which helps them effectively achieve their aspirations and hopes.

SIMPLY's new creative and innovative system will create an unprecedented leap in the world of business that will entirely reshape our perspective and definition of e-Commerce .


Legend / 500 days

Direct 150 / 12 gold legs

Presidential / 300 days

Direct 120 / 12 gold legs

Diamond / 200 days

Direct 90 / 8 gold legs

Emerald / 150 days

Direct 90 / 4 gold legs

Ruby / 50 days

Direct 60 / 4 gold legs

Platinum / 15 days

Direct 60

Gold / 5 days

Direct 30

Silver / 2 days

Direct 10

Max leader / 1 days

Direct 10

Starter leader

Direct 10

Opportunity benefits

Work tools

Discounts and Shopping

Honouring and travel

Incentive program

Global International community

Modern services

Positive work environment

Development Program

Use of artificial intelligence AI

Social and financial solidarity


Company Profile



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